Monthly HR Support

Human Resources Counsel and Legal Support

Monthly Retainer Program

For a flat monthly fee, Tannenbaum Helpern’s employment lawyers provide clients with comprehensive legal support and advice with respect to day-to-day human resources issues. This program delivers high quality employment law counsel at a predictable and stable monthly fee.

Services included in this monthly retained services arrangement are:

  • answering questions via email or phone related to human resource practices or personnel issues,
  • reviewing and revising human resource policies,
  • reviewing and revising human resource documentation, such as offer letters,
  • providing guidance on hiring and firing procedures, including drafting template severance agreements,
  • guiding employers through the process of administering employee leaves and accommodating disabilities, and
  • reviewing and updating the current employee handbook (or preparing such a handbook if one does not exist) and updating the handbook going forward on an annual basis.

We have found that this monthly retainer program works well and provides excellent value for businesses with 10 or more employees, including employers without in- house legal counsel experienced in employment issues.

The monthly fee is established by mutual agreement based upon anticipated client needs and takes into account factors such as employee head count, experience of internal staff and geographic locations.

Should issues arise outside the scope of the monthly retained services, Tannenbaum Helpern’s employment lawyers remain available to assist clients with such other employment law issues including:

  • conducting workplace investigations,
  • drafting commission plans or executive employment agreements,
  • defending wage claims,
  • defending charges of discrimination, and
  • handling governmental audits.
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